Operator Theory, Analysis and Mathematical Physics

August 2-7, 2016

Euler International Mathematical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia

OTAMP conferences are organized every second year since 2002. They were held in 2002 ,2004 (Bedlewo, Poland), 2006 (Lund, Sweden), 2008, 2010 (Bedlewo, Poland), 2012 (Barcelona, Spain), 2014 (Stockholm, Sweden).

The next OTAMP conference will be held at the Euler International Mathematical Institute at Saint Petersburg.
The Petersburg Mathematical School in Analysis, Differential Equations, Mathematical Physics and Probability is well-known in the mathematical world for last two centuries.

The scope and the aim of the conference is to bring together specialists, working in the various fields of mathematical physics and pure mathematics both, especially working in analysis and its applications in order to arrange exchange of ideas, new results and help in the future and already existing collaborations.

It will be organized by the Euler International Mathematical Institute, Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS (St.Petersburg Department) and the Saint Petersburg State University.

The conference is followed by the Summer School: “Various Aspects of Mathematical Physics” for young mathematicians to be held at the Euler International Mathematical Institute, August 8-11.

The conference is supported by the Russian Science Foundation ,grant No 15-11-30007.


Special Sessions:

  • Spectral Theory of selfadjoint partial differential operators.
  •  Jacobi matrices, CMV matrices and orthogonal polynomials.
  • Random and quasiperiodic operators. Models from the Quantum Fields theory.
  • Analysis on quantum graphs.
  • Non-selfadjoint operators and their spectral analysis. 

Conference organizers:

  • J.Janas (Krakow )
  • E.Korotyaev (St.Petersburg)
  • P.Kurasov (Stockholm)
  • A.Laptev (London/Stockholm)
  • S.Naboko (St.Petersburg)

Advisory Board:

  • B.Pavlov (Auckland/St.Petersburg)
  • B.Simon (Pasadena)
  • G.Stolz (Birmingham,USA)

Local Committee:

  • N.Sharkova
  • A.Tsiganov

The preliminary list of Invited Speakers includes:

  • J.Berndt (Graz)
  • M.Brown (Cardiff)
  • H.Langer (Vienna)
  • M.Marletta (Cardiff)
  • C.Tretter (Bern)
  • A.Shkalikov (Moscow)
  • I.Veselic (Chemnitz)

The registration fee including the banquet, boat trip, coffee breaks, the conference materials and daily lunches is 250 euros.

If you have any questions please contact Sergey Naboko at: sergey.naboko at gmail.com
or the Euler Institute administration.

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