Романов Роман Владимирович



email: morovom@gmail.com


 Научные интересы

  • Несамосопряженные операторы,
  • простраства де Бранжа,
  • функциональные модели

Основные публикации

  1. Spectral Analysis of the Transport Operator: A Functional Model Approach, Indiana Univ. Math. J., 51(2002), No. 6, 1389 — 1425 (with Yu. Kuperin and S. Naboko})
  2. On Instability of the Absolutely Continuous Spectrum of Dissipative Schrodinger Operators and Jacobi matrices, Algebra i Analiz, 17:2 (2005), 145 — 169 (Russian); English transl.: St. Petersburg Math. Journal, 17(2006), 325 — 341
  3. Absence of the Absolutely Continuous Spectrum of a First-order Non-selfadjoint Dirac-like System for Slowly Decaying Perturbations, Ark. Mat., 44(2006), No. 1, 132 — 148 (with Marco Marletta).
  4. Estimates of solutions of linear neutron transport equation at large time and spectral singularities, Kinetic and Related Models, 5(2012), No. 1, 113 – 128.
  5. Order problem for canonical systems and a conjecture of Valent, to appear in Transactions AMS.


  1. “Канонические модели и дифференциальные операторы”,
  2. “Пространства Харди”,
  3. “Спектральная теория струны”,
  4. “Дифференциальные операторы в частных производных”

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