Dept. of Mathematics and Mathematical Physics
Russia, 198904, St.-Petersburg,
Staryj Peterhof, Uljanovskaja st., 1.

The scientific school in the area of mathematical physics has been formed at the Physical Faculty of St.Petersburg (Leningrad) University due to active researches which began at the end of 40-es - beginning of 50-es at the Department of Mathematics (lately - Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Physics). These researches were strongly influenced by the all-city Seminar on mathematical physics which was organized by the department' leader academician V.I.Smirnov. Due to this influence the new school appeared to be naturally connected with the traditions of Saint-Petersburg school of mathematical physics known from the end of 19th century. In addition, the scientific interests of new school were formulated under influence of studies of academician V.A.Fock, the leader of university theoretical physicists. Closest collaborators of V.I.Smirnov, Professor (now academician) O.A.Ladyzhenskaya and Professor G.I.Petrashen, also directly participate in formation of scientific interests of new school at earlier stage.

Further development of school is closely connected with the work of academician L.D.Faddeev , now the head of the Department and the leader of school. Due to the influence of his studies new directions connected with the development of mathematical basis of physics began to dominate in the work of school. Investigations on scientific interests of school is also performed at the Department of Computational Physics organized by academician S.P.Merkur'ev.

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