Dept. of Mathematics and Mathematical Physics
Russia, 198904, St.-Petersburg,
Staryj Peterhof, Uljanovskaja st., 1.

July 4, 1999, is the 70th birthday of BULDYREV VLADIMIR SERGEEVICH, who is one of the eldest professors of School of Physics, St.Petersburg University.

All of his life, after graduating from the University, V.S. is at teaching positions at the Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Physics. He is one of the outstanding representative of new style of mathematics teaching, which was introduced by the Department's founder academician Vladimir Ivanovich Smirnov. This new style may be called as "mathematics for physicists", and currently it is an imprescriptible and world famous part of education at the St.Petersburg's School of Physics. By teaching of various mathematical courses adopted for most capable students, V.S. won the recognition as one of the best lecturers of the School. The textbook "Linear Algebra", which was written by V.S. in collaboration with Prof. B.S.Pavlov, as a summary of one of such courses, contains all modern tendencies in teaching of this discipline.

Among the School of Physics' graduates, more than thirty were students of V.S. of different levels: master, P.G. All of them had the chance to enjoy by his teaching talent and charm. By now, five of V.S. former students obtained the degree of "Doctor of Science", more than ten are Ph.D-s, six are currently his colleagues in teaching at the same Department.

V.S.Buldyrev is the famous and world known scientist whose main areas are mathematical theory of diffraction and wave propagation and asymptotic technique. His leadership in these areas is acknowledged by all experts both in Russia and abroad. Three fundamental monographs are written due to his authorship, as well as more than hundred of scientific papers in leading journals. In Russia, he was distinguished by several Soviet and Russian awards: State Award, First University Award, etc. He was a member of Organizing Committee of various national and international conferences and symposia. The modern scientific life could hardly be imagined without the annual Conference "Day on Diffraction" which is organized by V.S. together with Prof. V.M.Babich.
V.S. is very remarkable person in the of School of Physics. He is a member of Faculty Panel, Scientific Council, Methodological Commission. At the same time, he is known among the staff and students as permanent participant of "Professional Team" at the "Challenge Cup" competition, part of annual "Physicist' Day" celebration. Long time he was the captain of this team. Many people know him as an enthusiastic tourist. His experience includes mountaineer trips to Caucasus and Pamir, winter sky journeys and paddling through mountain rivers.

All merits of V.S. cannot be considered apart from his individuality. He is always rigorous and exacting, but at the same time quiet and democratic. Everybody might account for his assistance and support, he is never economizing the time for his students. Generous and emotional sides of his nature always attract people to him. Vladimir Sergeevich Buldyrev plays a substantial role in the life and formation of traditions of St.Petersburg University.

(Incomplete) list of former students of V.S.Buldyrev

1) Z.Yanson, P.G.student, Ph.D.
2) A.Lanin, P.G.student, Ph.D.
3) S.Slabyanov, P.G.student, Doctor of Science, Prof.Dept.Comp.Phys.
4) M.Popov, P.G.student, Doctor of Science
5) B.Belinskii, P.G.student, Doctor of Science
6) A.Nedelin, P.G.student, Ph.D.
7) V.Grikurov, P.G.student, Ph.D., Assoc.Prof.Dept.MAth.Phys.
8) V.Tarasov, P.G.student, Ph.D.
9) V.Nomophilov, P.G.student, Ph.D.
10) M.Yavor, P.G.student, Doctor of Science
11) A.Kazakov, P.G.student, Doctor of Science
12) V.Markov, P.G.student
13) M.Perel, P.G.student, Ph.D., Assoc.Prof.Dept.Math.Phys.
14) M.Lyalinov, P.G.student, Ph.D., Assoc.Prof.Dept.Math.Phys.
15) I.Yakushina, P.G.student, Ph.D.
16) I.Andronov, P.G.student, Ph.D., Assoc.Prof.Dept.Comp.Phys.
17) N.Gel'freikh, P.G.student, Assist.Prof.Dept.Math.Phys.
18) A.Aref'ev, P.G.student
19) T.Molokova, P.G.student
20) A.Tanchenko, Master Student
21) M.Pukhov, Master Student

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