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Due to the support of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research the texts of the selected talks presented at the ``Day on Diffraction''-s are published as the Proceedings of the Seminar. This year we are planning to publish the third volume of the Proceedings.

All interested authors are invited to send the texts for the Proceedings-99 to the Organizing Committee no later than September 15, 1999. The final judgment for including the text in the proceedings will be made by the Organizing Committee following the recommendations of the referees.


e-mail to: or

anonymous ftp:


Papers should be in LaTeX or AMS-LaTeX format. (Please, pay attention to the use of \ref{} and \cite{} commands, sectioning commands and try to avoid redefining standard LaTeX commands). The text should not exceed 10 pages of B5 format (210 140 mm) in 11pt font size. Pictures, if any, should be in encapsulated postscript format (*.eps).

We would be indebted you make sure your paper to be perfectly compiled using the procdd99.sty. You might also want to download the sample file sample.tex.

Thank you!