Workshop on Differential Equations dedicated to the memory of Vladimir Lazutkin

St. - Petersburg Department of Steklov Mathematical Institute
August, 18 - 20, 2002

Vladimir Fedorovich Lazutkin

Professor at the department of mathematics and mathematical physics, Faculty of Physics;
born in Leningrad on 13 October 1941.

At this time his father was at front-lines of the Second World War. A few months after his birth the baby and his mother, Maria Semenovna Lazutkina, were evacuated from Leningrad. They lived in the Penza region till the end of the war. After the war the family came back to Leningrad. In 1946 his sister Elena was born. The father came back to his civil profession of geologist. In 1954 the father, as a soviet specialist, was sent to China. The whole family travelled with him. They stayed there till 1958. In 1959 V. F. Lazutkin finished the school N 82 in Leningrad, and entered the Physics faculty of the Leningrad State University. He graduated from the university in 1984, entered the postgraduate course and got his Candidate of Sciences degree in mathematical physics in 1967. After that he was working at the Faculty of Physics, first as an assistant professor and, since 1970, as a senior researcher. In 1977 he defended the Doctor of Science thesis. From 1987 to 1991 he was a head of the department of applied mathematics at the Leningrad Institute of Aviation Instrumentation; in 1991 he was a co-ordinator at the Euler Mathematical Institute in Leningrad. Since 1992 he returned to the Faculty of Physics as a professor.

Scientific interests of Lazutkin were formed under the strong influence of his scientific advisor professor V. M. Babich, a head of the Leningrad scientific school for diffraction and wave propagation. At the beginning of his research activity V. F. Lazutkin studied asymptotic theory of discrete spectrum for elliptic boundary problems and obtained some important results, which were recognised both in Russia and abroad. These resulted in two monographs: "Convex billiards and eigenfunctions of Laplace operator" published by LGU in 1981 and "KAM theory and semiclassical approximation to eigenfunctions" published by Springer in 1993. Starting from the yearly 1980s Lazutkin's research interests moved towards classical dynamical systems. He and his students were developing asymptotic theory for exponentially small splitting of separatrices in Hamiltonian systems. The main achievement was the derivation and proof of an asymptotic formula for the splitting of separatrices for the standard map. The final proof was published by Lazutkin's student V. G. Gelfreich in 1999.

Lazutkin loved the classical music and nature. He was married to T. F. Pankratova, an associated professor at the mathematical department of PITMO, they have a daughter Maria, she is a student. The oldest Lazutkin's daughter Olga from the first Lazutkin marriage with V. F. Lazutkina (Zavgorodneva) is married and has a daughter. Thus in total he has two daughters and a granddaughter.

V. F. Lazutkin wrote 92 scientific works, including two above-mentioned monographs. He was a scientific advisor for 4 candidate of sciences dissertations.

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St.-Petersburg, 2002.